Whether you are a professional, business-owner or simply in need of change, coaching can be of enormous benefit to you. We offer personal coaching for individuals and corporate coaching programme for staff and leaders within organisations.

I. Personal Coaching

Our approach to coaching is empower you to maximise your potential. We look at your values and strengths and harness them to achieve your goals.
Over the years, we have delivered one-to one coaching and workshops to hundreds of individuals. The feedback received from delegates revealed three top reasons for not achieving full potential or goals.

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II. Corporate Coaching Programme?

Coaching is an empowering benefit to offer your employees. The FORTéFIED coaching approach is non-directive and collaborative.  It believes in the individual’s ability to make sustainable choices and will engages clients by focusing their attention on their goals.

Clients are empowered to take responsibility for their choices and will experience a person-centered coaching style i.e. it looks at the whole person and collaborates with the individual to access opportunities for learning and growth.

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III. Schools

3.1 Visualisation & Goal Setting Workshop

This workshop is aimed at helping delegates crystallise their ideas, gain clarity on their aspirations and create a plan to achieve them

Participants have found this workshop to be an effective tool to create goals and motivate them throughout the year. Don't just take our word for it, read the testimonials below

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VI. Events

FORTéFIED masterclasses are designed to offer practical advice and connecting you to a wealth of knowledge and experts, so you can gain the confidence to live the life you want; whether in your business or your personal life.

Over my years of coaching and training, I have been struck by how many people bury their dreams.  It manifests as procrastination, lack of passion or even fear but ultimately, it is the lack of confidence to strive for their dreams.  This is my passion -encouraging, equipping and empowering individuals to attain their highest potential.  This is the purpose of the FORTéFIED masterclasses.

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