Corporate Coaching Programme

Coaching is an empowering benefit to offer your employees. The FORTéFIED coaching approach is non-directive and collaborative. It believes in the individual’s ability to make sustainable choices and will engages clients by focusing their attention on their goals.

Clients are empowered to take responsibility for their choices and will experience a person-centered coaching style i.e. it looks at the whole person and collaborates with the individual to access opportunities for learning and growth.

What will your staff learn?:

The coaching programme can empower clients to achieve some of the goals below:

  • articulate and structure their career development goals
  • develop a personal action plan
  • obtain tools to monitor goals
  • gain an awareness of personal values and how this fits with shared organisational values
  • improve efficiency and effectiveness at work or within a team
  • learn how to create sustainable change
How Does it Work?

The coaching programme usually encompasses 6 coaching sessions for the duration of 60 minutes.

After the third session, there will be a formal feedback discussion regarding progression and next steps as well as possible date of termination.

Contact FORTéFIED for a free 30 minutes chemistry call in which we can explore your focus for the coaching . This will take place over the phone or via Skype and is an  initial conversation about how coaching can support the achievement of team or organisational goals.


Personal Coaching

one to one coaching in a personal capacity or as part of a corporate coaching programme

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This workshop is aimed at helping delegates crystallise their ideas and gain clarity

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Master classes to encourage, equip and empower participants to achieve specific goals

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