Over the years, as a career coach I have delivered one-to one coaching and workshops to hundreds of individuals. The feedback received from delegates revealed three top reasons for not achieving full potential or goals.

Lack of Confidence

Most people know what they want to do with their lives. What they lack is the confidence to take the leap. The how? How the heck do I get this done and live the life I want?

Personal Development Solutions

Whether you are a professional, business owner or simply in need of change, a career coach can be of an enormous benefit to you. We meet the needs of our client's through offering the following services


Personal Coaching

one to one coaching in a personal capacity or as part of a corporate coaching programme


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Corporate Coaching

an empowering benefit to offer your employees how to make sustainable choices.


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This workshop is aimed at helping delegates crystallise their ideas and gain clarity


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Master classes to encourage, equip and empower participants to achieve specific goals


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