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A Healthy Divorce!

OK. So I made you click to see what’s in store. I am not advocating getting a divorce from an individual but from things that are not furthering your goal – those things that waste our time.

Do you know what the number one culprit of time wasting is?  In my personal opinion it is watching TV although I’m aware that not everyone likes watching TV but it sits pretty high on the list of time guzzlers.

It’s funny how we say we don’t have any time for something but manage to carve out time for multiple TV shows in a day. According to the united States Department of Labor, people spend an average of 2.9 hours daily watching TV. If we estimate a conservative 1.5 hours, that is 10.5 hours a week that we could be applying to our goals. It is food for thought.

We often say we do not have time but what really mean is that we have not made what we want to do a priority.

So which one of the activities above are you ready to divorce? Or maybe you have some that didn’t even make my list. Whatever it is, the only way you are going to get more time is to stop doing something, however good it may be.

Sometimes it might not be about reorganising our priorities but perhaps visiting bad habits that cause us to waste time such as not filing or putting away stuff immediately which causes us to constantly search for them. letting paperwork pile up before dealing with it, etc.

We can’t do everything we are interested in so it is imperative that we make sound judgements about what our present priorities are and follow through.

Let me know how you get on.

Until then, keep dreaming, keep believing, keep doing!

Tomi Ayodeji
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